What’s With The Scatter Symbols At The Online Casino?

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If it’s a symbol to remember it’s the Scatter symbol! Yes friend, because it opens bonus rounds and other features specific to each game. But the best thing: whenever it appears you win! Vampire trick!

How does the Scatter symbol work?

Most online slots , from the simplest to the most complex, have the scatter symbol. He doesn’t have to be present on a winning line, he just has to appear!

Bonus rounds with the Scatter symbol

The coolest slot games have various bonuses associated with the Scatter symbol. For example, if the Scatter symbol appears on at least 3 reels, the bonus round is triggered.

The bonus round can consist of free spins or various other chances for extra winnings. These are usually made by sticky scatters or sticky wilds.

In some games, the Scatter symbol can trigger an interactive minigame. You can win even more tracks if you choose the winning elements correctly.

How to find out if a game has Scatter symbols

Check the paytable section – simple! It is present in each and on the occasion you get an idea after which symbols to look more and what combinations are really tricks!

About as many friends about the Scatter symbol wish you as many symbols and as many winnings as possible!

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