VSM 300 Shaker Screens Replacement

Dec - 25
vsm 300

VSM 300 Shaker Screens Replacement

Replacement shaker screens for VSM 300 shaker screens to last longer, make cleaner cuts and hold truer cut points (at comparable API numbers) than the previous multi-layer screen designs of the last three decades.
NOV shaker screens type
According to shaker models including Cobra series, VSM series, LCM D series. Devided by tension and appearance type will be wedge tensioning and hook strip model
VSM 300 series shale shaker screens are compatible with all BRANDT shakers and are compliant with API RP 13C, Then we also can find difference among different open area, conductance, and cut point. There will be mainly RHD series shaker screen, XF screens.
For VSM300 shaker screens there will be VSM300 light weight XF and RHD type. The difference between them is cut point based on D100, conductance, and non-blanked area.
VSM300 is one BEM shale shaker from NOV Brandt solids control. This type of screen is steel frame one. They are pre tensioned screens.
VSM300 shaker screen detail
1. VSM300 shaker Decks.
This shale shaker is three decks. The first deck is scalping, then the primary, last deck is called secondary deck.
2. VSM300 Shaker screen details
Scalping deck will be fitted with 3 pcs screen, primary deck will be fitted with 4 pcs screen, secondary deck is fitted with 4 pcs screen. Totally, the VSM300 request 11 pcs screen. All of them are steel frame screen and pretensioned type.

More information: Replacement screen for brant vsm300 shaker

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