screen repair plug

Screen Repair Plug

The shaker screen repair plugs are used to repair pre-tensioned screen. Such as Cobra shaker screen, Mongoose shaker screen. There are hexagon shape and rectangle shape.

The rectangle shape ones are used on M-I SWACO Mongoose screen. The hexagon will be used on NOV Brandt VSM, LCM, and Cobra series screen. The rectangle ones are made of composite material same as Mongoose composite frame. The hexagon ones are rubber material.

Mongoose shaker screen plugs

Mongoose screen repair plugs are rectangle, while Cobra series are hexagon shape. To repair the screens will decrease much cost for users. They just need to inster plugs on broken holes of related frame. The plugs should be larger than the holes on frame then the plug will be held tightly.

Wedge blocks

Furthermore, Aipu shaker screen can produce screen repair plugs according to user’s actual demand. Including the shape, the size, etc.

Please find some pictures for ref. If you are interested or you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


shaker screen part

Shaker screen and spare parts to UAE

Last week we shipped the shaker screens and shaker screen parts to our UAE client. We know in middle east there are rich oil and gas resource. The well drilling companies, service companies, trading companies are in large quantity.

Almost firms in UAE are related with petroleum and gas. This client is a service company in oilfield. They ever ordered us over 800 panels screen. This time they ordered shale shker screen along with other mud equipments

They told us clients appreciate our screen since the high quality, good appearance, and long service life. They will order another 400 panels shaker screen in near future. Please find below image for your reference.

shaker screen part

shaker screen part delivery