Category: Swaco shale shaker screen

Jan - 16
Composite frame Mongoose shaker screen

Swaco Mongoose Shaker Screen Replacement

Swaco mongoose screen is spare part for Mongoose series shale shaker from M-I Swaco. At Aipu shaker screen, there are common pre-tensioned steel frame screen and composite frame shaker screen. Composite frame screen have longer service life, better appearance, and…

Jan - 15
SWACO BEM shaker screen

M-I Swaco BEM-600 & BEM-650 Shaker Screen Replacement

Aipu produce spare screens for MI-Swaco Mongoose shale shaker (M-I SWACO BEM-600 shaker screen,  BEM-650 shaker screen and MONGOOSE PT shaker screen). Aipu produce high quality replacement BEM-650 & BEM-600 series shaker screen. BEM-650 & BEM-600 is another kind of…

Dec - 25

M-I Swaco ALS Shaker Screen Replacement

M-I Swaco have another model shale shaker. The ALS series shaker. M-I Swaco ALS shaker screen are spare parts for ALS shaker. It is hard hook strip screen. M-I Swaco ALS series shale shaker screen tension is applied through edge…