Category: Brandt shale Shaker Screen

Jan - 16
KPT shaker screen

KemTron KTL 48 Shaker Screen Replacement

Kemtron is a professional producer on solids control equipment. The KemTron KTL 48 shaker screen is for their KTL-48 Tango shaker. Kemtron KTL48 series shale shaker have double layer shaker decks. So the shaker screen for KTL48 shaker also have…

Dec - 25
vsm 300

VSM 300 Shaker Screens Replacement

Replacement shaker screens for VSM 300 shaker screens to last longer, make cleaner cuts and hold truer cut points (at comparable API numbers) than the previous multi-layer screen designs of the last three decades. NOV shaker screens type According to…

Dec - 25
Brandt PMD Cobra screen

Brandt Cobra Shaker Screen Replacement

AiPu replacement screen for Brandt cobra shaker available in PMD and PWP, is a superior screen for the Cobra and King Cobra shale shakers. Brandt Cobra series shaker screen is a kind of steel frame screen. We also call it…