Replacement Derrick Urethane Screen

Dec - 25
APU urethane shaker screen

Replacement Derrick Urethane Screen

Aipu Urethane screensAPU urethane screen panel is rather popular now. They are interchangeable with Derrick Polyweb™ Urethane Screens. APU urethane screens combine long life with high open area, capacity, and performance rivaling that of conventional woven wire screens. Moreover, its anti-blinding properties now make it feasible to screen materials previously considered difficult or even impossible to screen. Since it is more durable than common wire woven screens. Presently we Aipu shaker screen supply polyurethane screen as flat appearance with hook in following openings. Aipu promise you will get rather cost-efficient solution.

Polyurethane screen is a core part of fine mesh vibrating screen. It directly affect the screening efficiency and screening performance. Our polyurethane screen surface serves in longer life, anti-blinding, non-leakage. It increases the mineral recovery rate, widely utilized in metal and non-metallic minerals processing applications.

APU Polyurethane screen
Opening 0.075mm,0.1mm,0.12mm
Dimension Length: 1044mm
Width: 700mm
Replacement Shaker Screen Weight 2kg
Screen layer 1
Screen material Polyurethane

APU urethane screens ensure longer screen life 

APU urethane screen panel :

Lightweight for easy handling; easier to change out than wire cloth; Open cast screens designed for longer wear life. With openings as fine as 45 microns (325 mesh)* and open areas ranging from 35 to 45 percent, APU urethane screen surfaces are suited to a wide variety of wet and dry applications. It’s not uncommon for APU urethane screens to last 10 to 30 times longer than conventional woven wire panels.

We also provide like Derrick FLC 600™ (AP6 replacement shaker screen), Derrick FLC 500™ (AP5 replacement shaker screen), Derrick FLC 2000™ (Derrick 48 x 30 Shaker screens), Brandt™ LCM-ZD, Brandt™ BL-50, Brandt™ VSM 300, Swaco™ mongoose, SF300 and Kemtron™ KTL48 Series shale shaker screen and other solids control equipements.
If you have further question or interest please contact Aipu™ freely.

APU Polyurethane screens


*Wet panels as fine as 45 microns (0,045 mm)
 Dry panels as fine as 104 microns (0,104 mm)

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  1. Sir,
    I wish to buy “APU urethane screen panel” as replacement for “Derrick Polyweb™ Urethane Screens”.
    Please send us your techno-commercial offer for “APU Polyurethane screen panel with 600 micron aperture size.
    Sandeep J Patil.

  2. Please quote price and availability of the following Derrick Screen Parts.

    6.00 Quantity

    54.00 Quantity
    Unit Wgt: 0.80 lbs.

    Thank you,
    Steve Dinning

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