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Shaker screen solutions for you

Formed in 2012, Aipu shaker screen is a combination enterprise of the product design, manufacture and marketing, leading Chinese manufacturer in regard to shale shaker screen as well as replacement screen for all makes or models of shale shakers. You may consider the company is newly formed, however, the staff at Aipu shaker screen shares in over 20 years of screen manufacture experience. We have specialized R&D team, professional technological process and specialized quality management system.

At Aipu, our engineers and design professionals can help supply shale shaker screen with a variety of mesh ranges for certain application during whole well drilling process. Aipu featured new products include composite screen for Mongoose shaker and composite frame screen for Cobra series screen, etc. The layers of stainless steel wire mesh are well arranged to achieve optimum filtration efficient and conductance.

Perforated metal steel sheets as back plate. Various punched hole shape and rubber seal styles are optional for Aipu customers. Driven by a market need as per custom-tailored shale shaker screen Aipu will provide an optimal solution for your shaker screen demand or any question. To learn more, contact Aipu shaker screen today

AiPu shaker screen test report

Why Aipu Shaker Screen?

Professional shaker screen manufacturer over 15 years
Excellent quality wire mesh material
Mesh size conform to API RP13C specs
High opening percentage
Efficient filtration performance
Customizable dimension and type
Clients oriented improvement
Nominated brand service available
Cost-efficient price

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